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Due Cal Calendars

Visualize equipment due cal in calendars

Display a Calendar of Equipment Calibration Due dates by clicking Calendar in the Calibration tab of the menu ribbon.

Calendar icon in the Ribbon Menu

Toggle between Month, Week, or Day views using the tabs at the top of the Calendar screen.

Click on specific dates in the Calendar to view which tools are due to be calibrated on that date.  The ‘Equipment Due Cal’ label automatically displays how many tools are due for calibration on that date.  Click in the default label to customize.

Calendar Features

Quickly view Equipment Due for Calibration dates in different months by clicking through the months in the upper left-hand Calendar screen and clicking the desired month, week, or day.  The current day is highlighted in a red box while the day selected is shown in orange.  The bold dates are ones with at least 1 equipment that will be due for calibration.

Adjust the number of weeks visible in the Calendar screen by clicking up or down in the ‘Visible Weeks’ box (Month view only).

Change Months in the Calendar

Printing Calendars

Print a 5-Week, 1-Week, or 1-Day Calendar by viewing dates you want to be printed in the Calendar screen and clicking [Print].

Print Calendar Preview

Customize printing Paper Size and Source, Orientation, and Margins using the File, Page Setup menu.

Page Setup within Print Preview

Last updated: 4 Jan 2017

Compatibility: Versions 8.0 and Higher

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