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Not Original Key Owner

Need to upgrade a key you didn't originally purchase?

One of the situations we bump into often is that an existing must create an update product key but that existing user is not the original user and sometimes does not have an account.  The original user is often no longer with the company.  This is a simple situation to solve.

  1. Sign in with your own account.  Create one (register) if required.
  2. Navigate to the Check Product Key page.  Your email will show up in the email field (leave it there).
  3. Enter your existing product key (begins with AS09, AS10, or VB) in the Product Key field and click the [Check User Key] button.  The buttons at the bottom of the page will change to FREE or the appropriate upgrade price depending on your key qualification.
  4. Enter/confirm your Name, Email, & Company.  You can also enter a Reference and Note if desired, although not required.
  5. Click the Access or SQL button to create a new product key, if a purchase is required, or to generate a new key.

Contact us if you need help. :)

Last updated: 27 Jun 2011

Compatibility: Calibration Control versions 5.5 to current

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