Procedures Dialog

Procedure Links in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software)

Easily link recognized company calibration procedures and related equipment.

View All Procedures

Display the Procedures data grid by clicking its menu button found under the Common tab of the ribbon, in the Codes group.

Procedures Menu Ribbon

Edit Procedures Dialog

Double-click on a Procedure record to open and edit, or select to 'Open Record' from the quick menu.  The Edit Procedure dialog contains three fields:

Procedures Edit Dialog
  • Document No:  A numerical or name identifier for the Procedure document.
  • Title:  The title of the Procedure.
  • Location:  Use the [Browse] button to navigate to the Procedure file stored on your server or local computer.

Linking Procedures to Equipment Records

Select, add, or remove procedures linked to equipment by using the 'Procedures' hyperlink in an Equipment dialog, as shown below.

Equipment Record Procedures

Link existing Procedures to Equipment records by checking its box and clicking [OK].

Procedures Select

Procedures vs. Attachments

Procedures could be attached to individual Equipment records through the Attachments tab.  In this case, the Procedure document is incorporated in that Equipment record rather than simply accessed on the server with a quick link.

Last Updated:  12 February 2018