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Installing Version 4

Installing Version 4.3.7 on Modern Operating Systems

Although 4.3.7 is long gone and is no longer supported by Ape Software, some of our long-time users have experienced difficulty installing this older software on modern operating systems, like Windows Vista or 7.  If we can't convince you to download the most current version of Calibration Control (sign-in required), the following information should help.


If you lost your copy, you can download a copy Calibration Control, version 4.3.7 here.

Product Key

Use your existing product key; it begins with VB01 or another number (VB02, VB03, VB04, etc.).  If you need us to look up your key, let us know what you need and give us a day or two to look up your info in our achieve files.

.NET 1.1

Download and install .NET 1.1, even if you already have a higher version installed.  Having .NET 3.5 or 4.0 does not mean that version 1.1 is installed.  Learn how to check your .NET versions with this article.  If you experience difficulty with installation on Windows Vista or 7, read this article on installing .NET 1.1 on the Windows 7 OS.

MS Jet 4.0 (database connectivity)

If CC 4.3.7 does not run properly, you may need the old Microsoft database connectivity drivers.  You can find the MS Jet 4.0 database drivers here.

Data Access Components

Finally, you may also need the MS Data Access Components.

Last updated:  12 Nov 2011

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