Installing DOTNET 1.1 on Windows 7

Use slipstreaming to install .NET 1.1

Several applications still require DOTNET 1.1 but Windows 7 will sometimes assume that the newest version of DOTNET, like the 4 framework, is all you need. When Windows 7 makes this decision for you, it will refuse to install .NET 1.1. Therefore, you need a way to install .NET 1.1 on a Windows 7 or other .NET 4.0 framework computers.

If you need 1.1 on your computer, go ahead and try installing it.  Otherwise, there are several help pages out there that can help but most of them point back to a blog post by Saran that's been around since Windows 7 beta.

Saran's Installing Dotnet Framework 1.1 on Windows 7

Compatibility: Calibration Control Version 5.4 (and earlier)