On-Site Training, Consulting, & Deployment

We offer on-site training and consulting in the use of our software products Microsoft databases, creating custom software applications, and implementing ISO 9000 compliant quality systems.

Software Deployment & Configuration

We work with users and IT teams to deploy and configure your software with special attention to: (a) data sharing, (b) data backup, (c) ease of use, (d) syntax customization, (e) data cleaning, (f) security setup, (g) custom reports, (h) custom labels, (i) setting up auto notifications, and (j) basic training.


We can provide one-on-one or classroom training either from a set script and/or by demonstration and question and answer.  We can also work with you to help you establish training documents based on the software features you intend to use and then configure the software to hide unused features to prevent distractions thereby increasing the effectiveness of your internal training.

ISO 9000 Quality Systems

Even though we’re a software company, we have more than 30 years of experience earned from implementing and maintaining ISO 9000 certified quality systems and helping organizations like yours meet those requirements.  Therefore, our software will naturally focus on helping organizations meet and maintain ISO and other quality system requirements.

We can help you with any phase of implementation and maintenance including first-look evaluations, quality documents, system audits, and resolving current customer or auditor nonconformance notices.

Software Development

We can create custom Windows Form programs, web applications, and/or SQL statements used in MS Access or SQL Server.  You can use these tools to create reports from multiple data sources, merge data from multiple sources, create custom auto notifications, or to customize our existing software.


Items 2-5 are payable (or arranged by you) in advance along with minimum 50% of item 1.  Different payment arrangement can be negotiated for longer term contracts.

  1. Daily (8 hours): $1,000
  2. Air: Round-Trip Plane Ticket or Car Mileage
  3. Lodging: Number of Nights +1
  4. Standard Sized Rental Car: Number of Days +1
  5. Per Diem: $50 / day