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Calibration Control Reviews

4.7/5 (72 reviews)

Ease of Use: 4.6/5
Customer Service: 4.8/5

Phil Hodge - Design Engineer

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing (51-200 employees)

"Cost Effective Solution for a Small Company"

"Calibration Control has allowed us to move away from a disjointed paper system that was always a concern during ISO Audits. We are able to quickly provide answers to our auditors and show traceability. Customer service has always been very responsive and helpful."
We were able to add it to our existing SQL database. Lots of features for a reasonable price. Many new features and customization options have been added to Version 9. Looking forward to trying them out.
The software has had some annoying bugs at times, but the developer continues to make changes to improve the operation of the product.

Ronny Eichler - Quality Control Manager

Military (11-50 employees)

"Outstanding Customer Service and Value"

My overall experience with Calibration Control has been fantastic. I would say the best part about the software are the people behind it. The APE team's customer service really makes the difference. They are always quick to respond, willing to help with any issue and always seem to go above and beyond to meet the customer needs.
APE Calibration Control is incredibly easy to use software that puts information regarding your tools in a organized and quickly searchable format. Even with extremely limited interaction with this software you can quickly the needed requirements for calibration completed and documented quickly.
occasionally the software losses connection to the database or the number generation for new calibrations is not unique.

Jasher Simmons - Instrument & Control Engineer

Military (51-200 employees)

"Calibration Lab Platform"

The customer service is outstanding. This platform gives a good structure for managing a calibration from at an approachable price for small - medium operators.
It's a concise, lightweight feeling platform that has a lot of features but without suffering from bloat.Combination of flexibility, price, and scalability made it a clear winner. Most other products had very narrow scope (pressure/temperature only) or very high on-going costs as a subscription service.
I have had it crash a few times on me.

Greg Gaul - Director, Engineering & Quality

Oil & Energy (51-200 employees)

"Feature rich for the money. Amazing support."

Top notch.
The value for the money. Lots of features and well designed. And if you have an idea or a problem, you communicate directly with the programmers who are extraordinarily responsive. Best I've ever experienced.
It sometimes is a bit glitchy. But that is a probably a function the frequent improvements. Usually if I find a problem, it is fixed in the next release if not sooner. Best value. Responsive customer support.

Glen Hyser - Testing supervisor

Utilities (51-200 employees)

"2020 Review Florida"

I'm able to keep records of all my calibration information and control all aspects for each.
It enables me to keep track of all my gauges and ensures that I don't get behind in calibration. Allows me to insert pictures.
Maybe some information pop ups could be added to let you know what your clicking on.

Bernie Hunt - IT Manager

Aviation & Aerospace (11-50 employees)

"Complex Calibration Made Simple"

As the administrator, it goes in easy and the user's pick it up quickly. We have a number of users on the system from managers down to factory workers. They can easily access the system, get to the information they need, and make the transactions they require.
The previous version was a mess! Fortunately the point releases have fixed all the challenges and tech support helped get all the database changes needed done.

Haley Berbas - Calibration Manager

Oil & Energy (10,001+ employees)

"The best program ever!"

It has made my life so much easier and training new people on the program is a breeze!
I love how user friendly Calibration Control is. I also really love that if I ever have any issues, I can call [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and she will literally CUSTOMIZE it for me so it works the way I need it to. I always get follow up emails to make sure everything is working and I really appreciate the wonderful customer service.
The only weird thing I've found is when I go to add a new calibration record for a tool, there will be two or three groups (usually one with a template and one blank) from the last time it was calibrated. I just delete the blank one and use the current template and it's not really an issue.

Drew Harris - President

Facilities Services (11-50 employees)

"Simply the best Asset Management Software"

Excellent. Easy to implement, amazing support team.
Ease of use, reliability, and hands down best support we have ever received from a software company.
We start at 5am, wish support was available earlier than 9am.

Kevin Mastriano - Quality Manager

Machinery (1-10 employees)

"The most features with the smallest price tag"

I have worked with calibration control through several version iterations and as with all software, bugs do occur. The important part to note is that all reported bugs are typically identified and fixed by the great team over at Calibration Control.
Calibration Control is simple to use and easy to self admin. This software is great for calibration companies as well as companies looking to just track and maintain company assets. The software allows for many customizations and the ability to suit many various needs.
The only downfall of Calibration Control is the ability to access and submit data without an internet connection. As a calibration provider mainly performing work in the field this has been more of an inconvenience than an obstacle.

Michael Watt - Lead Field Service Supervisor

Oil & Energy (11-50 employees)

"Calibration Control"

I manage all the inspection equipment and this software can track calibration dates, equipment history and where the equipment is used. I find it reliable and it provides comprehensive data for our inspection equipment.
I searched various packages to see which would work for our division. This package had good reviews and covered all our necessary requirements with beneficial additional functions. Support is available when required.
It would be good to check out to be able to check out/in multiple lines for one project in one go rather than individually.

Adam Runk - Quality Manager

Mining & Metals (51-200 employees)

"Great Value and Easy to Use"

The program was installed and the information added within a week. The help I needed from APE Software was readily available and they were able to walk me through some of the problems and issues I was having during the implementation. Bottom line is the customer service is great. The program rarely gives me any trouble, and when it does the customer service techs are there to rapidly find the problems and apply a correction.
I really like the ease of moving around in the program. The filtering to specific items and types of equipment is very simple. Plenty of user defined fields to be able to add and track info you need to have for your business.
Would like to have a form letter as a report for outsourcing calibrations traceable to NIST standards. It is not very easy to be able to create and modify forms/reports.

David Roll - Quality Assurance Engineer

Aviation & Aerospace (201-500 employees)

"First Time Exposure to Calibration Control"

Overall experience is quite positive! When I ran the limit of the Manual and needed further assistance, the APE Software Calibration Control Customer Service Representative, CSR, was extremely helpful, and is representative of the heart and strength of the company. She abundantly answered all of my questions and provided insight into the power of the software. Representative introduced me to the 'Teamviewer,' which, in my view, provides for dynamic customer / representative interface. Through the use of Teamviewer, more than vocalization of what to do, over the phone, was displayed as she showed me real time what to do and then let me demonstrate what she had shown me, in order to ensure I fully understood the concepts. Having been, myself, a trainer within Quality Assurance, the foregoing indelibly etched what I learned. Representative apparent sterling knowledge and understanding of the software spurred me, at one point, to ask her whether she was a program developer. I have had to make multiple calls seeking answers to perplexing questions and Representative has effectively answered all of them. Summarizing, based upon the power of the software and the company's customer service, I strongly recommend this software.
There are several 'Pros:' 1. The program is virtually 'Instant On,' meaning very little time is lost waiting for the program to load, 2. An active user manual is available online for ready reference, 3. Updates are readily available, 4. Valuable informational status is readily seen, and 5. Fields have color coding to reflect current status of the tool.
The package is not readily intuitive, meaning use of the Manual and / or call-in to the company representative is needed; although, we used Excel, up to this point, to track calibration status and functioned from that point of view, which was one dimensional and did not provide enough information, the benefits of this package outweigh any negatives.

Verified Reviewer - Not Displayed

Oil & Energy (10,001+ employees)

"Major Update of APE Software"

It is mandatory that my group maintains our calibration certificates in an orderly manner as we are audited periodically. Thanks to this software we have passed every audit with flying colors since we implemented the APE Software. Special thanks to rep for talking me thru this update and actually doing the majority of the work as we were at least 10 revisions behind. She was excellent!
I like the way the screen can be laid out, sorted, things hidden from, view, etc. Much better than when we tried to do our own thing with EXCEL.
I am not good with Access so I went to a course on that just to understand what was going on in the background.

Anthony Gebbia - Metrology Specialist

Chemicals (201-500 employees)

"Awesome bang for your buck!!!"

All in one cal program. I really like the auto email notifications.
Ease of use. Very self explanatory and customer support is great!!
Would really like to have a mobile app interface so you could use your phone for data entry and retrieval.

David Samuelsen - Quality Manager

Defense & Space (11-50 employees)

"Review of Calibration Control"

This software was far more superior then the old software we had.
Very easy to use. Robust data input. Generate reports easily. Fast data look up.
I cannot find anything wrong with this software.

Billy Dominguez - Quality Technician

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering (51-200 employees)

"Great product"

Very user friendly, and easy to navigate.
I found that creating custom reports was a bit difficult.

jason stern - Quality Assurance Manager

Aviation & Aerospace (11-50 employees)


We upgraded to ape software years ago when our old system (dos) became obsolete. I can say it was a very smooth transition and continues to be the same today
The software meets all of the requirements that we need for tracking, recording and maintaining our calibration sytem. The customization of forms allows us to print out just what we need. Our AS9100 auditors and our prime customers were extremely impressed with how complete and comprehensive this system is. Tech support was very helpful in helping customize the forms to meet our needs.
Nothing negative to say about the software or the people providing the support.

Nicholas Hamilton - Managing Director

Construction (11-50 employees)

"Amazing Calibration Software"

The guys at calibration control have amazing customer service and a great product. If i have an issues they respond and repair the issue usually within 24hrs, which is great as i know they are based on the other side of the world.
Very simple to use, amazing customer service. Professional and comprehensive reports
The report designer is a bit difficult to use.

Jeff Rydel - IT Manager

Aviation & Aerospace (51-200 employees)

"APE Calibration Control"

Calibration was previously handled within a spreadsheet which did not support AS/ISO requirements.
Ease of use and the ability to configure the software to our needs verses custom modifications.
User access does not integrate with Active Directory

Garrick Horner - Design Quality Engineer

Medical Devices (10,001+ employees)

"Useful tool for tracking equipment"

CC has been extremely beneficial to our department.
The system is easy to use and fully customizable. Filled with features that meet our specific needs. From tracking high level equipment to periodic maintenance, Calibration Control has everything we need to help us with our design controls.
The GUI could use more polishing. It is often tedious for inputting certain inputs into the system.

Verified Reviewer - Not Displayed

Aviation & Aerospace (201-500 employees)

"Excellent Product At The Pricepoint"

We migrated out of our old Visual system into the CC SQL Server table with little trouble(Less than 2 weeks to transfer test and go live.) Reporting is easy to modify and expand. So far the only issues have been from things in the old system that were incorrect.
Straight forward relational data design.
Some of the documentation needs to be updated to the new screens.

Bill Lent - President

Aviation & Aerospace (1-10 employees)

"Calibration Control is perfect for us"

Our company is completely satisfied with calibration control
I like the customer support the most. Any issues we have they are addressed immediately. I also like the value of the product
I cannot think of anything I dislike about this product

Scott Corriveau - Callibration Cordinator


"excellent customer service and they resolve issues quickly"

This program is very user-friendly especially the help menu on the website. When we first bought the Database Team gave us great instructions and was very detailed. Support when we had issues with the database it was taken care of the same day we called.
I have no Cons at this time.

Tammy Durbin - Administrative Assistant

(1-10 employees)

"Overall I have not had a lot of problems learning the software."

Ease of use and paper trails
I like the custom changes that can be made and the support has always been good when I have had a question on how to make changes.
As with most software once you get use to the way it runs they update and make changes to it that change the flow your use to. Other than that it is still good.

Gary DeBoer - Engineering /Quality Manager

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing (51-200 employees)

"The software does everything I need it to. Only problem is when adding locations and other items"

Tech support is great. Quickly runs reports and shows the calibration. Easily add new gauges and completing calibration updates
Difficult sometimes to add to lists in the software like locations. Some parts are very easy to modify and other areas are very difficult

alessandro lo bue - metrology expert

Non-Profit Organization Management (201-500 employees)

"Really worth the money."

Have a instruments management software without buy a big SAP software
Old style interface but really effective the certification maintenance is well developed. In out instruments is gold.
Old style interface. The access software is old. A fresh interface will be welcome. Better maintenance of barcode.

Aaron Mattingly - Process Control Engineer Superintendent

Chemicals (11-50 employees)

"We didn't know how badly we needed this software until we started using it."

We simplified our calibrations and control manual under ISO9001:2015 using this software. Now, all instrument calibrations are stored using the software.
It's easy to use, but stores data in a way that is cohesive to robust analysis. It has vastly simplified QMS and other audit trails.
Setting up email notifications in an O365 environment can be challenging, because of the way O365 handles relaying.

Dan Long - MIS Director

Design (11-50 employees)

"Easy to setup and use."

We have been extremely happy with how easy it is to setup use and stable. We are also happy with the timely updates and support when needed.
There is nothing that we don't like about this software. We have been extremely happy with it and will continue to use it.

Kurt Juul Nielsen - Head Of Calibration


"Flexible software. Dedicated team behind. All your wishes are attempted to be met"

I have managed calibration databases since 2002. In 2013, I was looking for a new and better software. I downloaded several trial versions from different companies, including a trial version of Calibration Control, which I immediately became very excited about. Since 2013 I have been a very satisfied user of Calibration Control. The support I get from the CC team is fantastic. Any wishes for new features and improvements are always attempted to be met. The CC team is very dedicated to make a great user experience.
It is hard to find any cons when a software, and the team behind, never have let you down through a period of five years.

Jason Klein - Service Center Manager


"Excellent calibration software. Fits our operation perfectly."

Better management of calibrations through use of software. Before Cal Control we were documenting all our calibration data and records through Excel Spreadsheets. This has streamlined our process and allows far better data collection and record keeping.
This software is extremely easy to set up and use. We don't utilize every feature that's available, but it's nice to know it's there if we decide to. The customer support team is fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. The developer also seems very receptive to tweaks and modifications if you should happen to notice anything that may personally benefit your operation. Ongoing support and frequent updates are also a couple of things I like about this program.
I honestly have no complaints or dislikes. This software fits our needs and plays an important role in our daily operations. If I had one wish, it would be that this software tied into our instrumentation repair history database. That's of course no fault of this program; it's simply a desire to streamline our overall process.

Bruce Carpenter - Quality Assurance Supervisor

Oil & Energy (51-200 employees)

"Great piece of software. It is very flexible and configurable."

Automated notification, calibration tracking, calibration record keeping
The email reminders are terrific. This allows us to reminder equipment owners about upcoming or overdue calibrations using the automated system. The customer support is 1st rate. I believe that this software is the best value in calibration software.
There is a learning curve that is fairly steep. However, once you clear the hurdle of the initial set up it works well

Tracy Alvarez - Metrology Tech

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering (201-500 employees)

"I have found this program to be easy to use."

This software has enabled our business to easily maintain a complete list of all in-house assets. It is easy to use and easy to teach to new employees.
I like how searchable this program is! It is also very easy to use, new users are easily able to learn to use this software.
I find that it is more difficult to make this program custom than I hoped it would be, in regards to reports.

Deb Wilkins - calibration manager

Machinery (51-200 employees)

"Its been very good. Customer service is very helpful."

under industry you should have a manufacturing.
its easy to use. I am still learning and customer service has been very patient with me. I like that I can color according to calibration due date.
I wish you could print out gauging locations according to department. To better track if gauging is being moved from one machine to another, It would be easier to print out a list and give to the leads of each department of what is where and at which machine.

Chris Spayde - Technician

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering (11-50 employees)

"We were looking to upgrade our calibration tracking system and this package helped get us there!"

Centralized control for all of our tool and calibration tracking and a dedicated platform to manage all of it.
Ease of use. Ability to add features as our data and needs grow. Support from he company is timely.
The initial setup for manually entering calipers and other items we calibrate in-house took longer than expected.

David Hall - Senior Quality Engineer


"ApeCal has been an awesome tool in keeping track of all of our test equipment."

Notifications, sorting by any column, clarity from even a novice's view are able to understand what we are all viewing. The customer support is stellar. They've been able to remotely figure out every situation I've had with ease. Very sharp in not just ApeCal, but their understanding of computer operations and file storage has helped to rectify every imaginable issue. Clicking and dragging a picture or a calibration cert is so easy too!
The only thing I wish was easier, is when I enter a new calibration on an existing unit, I wish the 'company', 'as found' and 'as left' fields could be set to a default.

Daniel Golomb - Mechanincal Engineer, IT Manager


"IT manager, use as needed. My inspectors like the software."

easy to use and manipulate how we want. items are identified based on color coding to let us know when they are in need of calibration. all caibration times are set by user.
hyperlinks don't work where I want them to, in order to reference certs on my network. would like an easier upload for that to be able to just see the certs in the software rather than a two step plan to see them linked.

Mike LaPrad - Quality Manager

Plastics (51-200 employees)

"Great Product and Excellent Support."

Able to manage over 150 devices and standards. At one time I could do this with excel and my email calendar but as the list grew and our machine shop needed to use more devices to take the required measurements it became very cumbersome to manage the devices. Calibration Control has made it very easy to keep up with the devices again.
Very easy to add devices and keep everyone informed of upcoming due calibrations with the auto notify email option.
So far I have no complaints for this software, I.T. had it installed on the server the same day and I was adding devices with no training.

Jane Luciano - Lab Technician


"Helps me to schedule calibration of our equipment."

Looks a lot like Windows so it gives a familiarity to the person using the tool. The customer support team has always responded promptly and always answered any questions I had.
I don't really use the software to its potential so I can't really say there are cons. I basically use it to schedule the calibration of our equipment.

Dave Lancto - calibration coordinator

Plastics (11-50 employees)

"So far everything is what is was looking for"

the software is very easy to use, doesnt take much time to try to figure out. everything is excessible on the main screen saving time to find things.
honestly it has pretty much everything i was looking for, if i had to come up with a con id say that i wish there were a few more sortable options when i came to printing logs.

Joseph Thiede - Quality Technician


"Easy to use, intuitive and hugely beneficial to us."

Really easy to use. Has improved the way in which our calibration system is managed. The auto notification feature of this software makes it really easy to locate equipment and make people aware at the time of calibration.
There are some features that would improve the user experience: - Auto-Notification ignoring equipment with the status "Out for Cal" It would be beneficial to store documents such as UKAS Accreditation Certs under suppliers details. We would like to option to be able to print indication only or limited use calibration stickers. If this can be done, it isn't obvious how to.

Paul Elliott - Quality Process Engineer


"Pre-designed calibration system management software for nearly all applications."

Speed of navigation and intuitive interface. Covers most key features very well, such as: Asset number assignment Calibration record retention Calibration interval management with easily managed due dates Standard identification and linkage Functional approval tracking
Flagging calibration events as needing review and how reviews are managed could be better. Reporting of system metrics is rudimentary at best.

Chuck Huddleston - Operations Manager

Wholesale (51-200 employees)

"We've used Calibration control for over 15years to help with ISO requirements"

Since our companies have started on ISO 9000 we have had to different registrars and 5 different outside auditors - all were very satisfied with the software's ability to perform the needed record keeping
Ease of use and even non technical users don't have a problem with it Tech support when needed has always been courteous and helpful
I have had no real complaints we use it at 2 of our locations. It is probably the easiest of all the software we have to maintain

Verified Reviewer - Not Displayed

Pharmaceuticals (51-200 employees)

"Great product for the price, and some of the best support offered"

Great Product for starting out needs, was able to grow with us to this point.
Easy to use, easy to set up users, and access. Tech Support was always available and more than ready to help.
older versions were a bit buggy, disconnects from database. Error message may not be real error so i really did not know what true problem was and had to call support, great thing is that support is the best and easy to work with.

Anthony Lee - Metrologist

Sporting Goods (51-200 employees)

"The software is easy to use"

The software is an expellant value. The ease of searching through the data. This software is very user friendly and customizable.
When there are multiply users the updates to the database do not show until the software is closed and reopened.

Verified Reviewer - Not Displayed

(51-200 employees)

"Our experience with Calibration Control has been very positive, better than three others we tried."

Allowed training of new persons to be easier based on the software. Left me open to spend more time on the actual processes and not as much on how to use software to manage them.
It is easy to use and very economical for the features. We had a different package that was touted as "easy" but found it difficult and pricey.
Setting up the software for login of new users when using SQL database requires IT support as there is no easy way to do it through an interface from the software.

William Burnett - Quality Manager


"Overall an "OK" product; not very intuitive and reports are weak. I would give it a C+."

it replaced an Excel spreadsheet; it adds more structure and control.
Viewing and sorting is very easy; easy to enter new gauges. It's fairly easy to use, but there are a lot of useless features that just complicate and confuse things.
Reporting and filtering are terrible. Easy to enter information in wrong fields, etc. We have to export everything to Excel if we want to perform filtering and generate reports. Very cumbersome setup.

Verified Reviewer - Not Displayed

Automotive (201-500 employees)

"Easy to use, reasonably configurable. User control and change tracking are great features."

Improved traceability back to national standards. Improved homogeneity of data entry.
Technical support service is incredibly helpful. I wish all software maintenance agreements came with support like this! Sorting and ability to custom name/define fields.
There are very few features in this program that have a negative impact. Once during an upgrade some of our custom reports quit working properly - but support to resolve the issue was quick and effective.

Kenneth Sams - Manufacturing Engineer

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

"We needed to find a calibration tracking system that was a better fit. Cal Control is perfect."

Updated tracking and organization of calibration and maintenance events.
Between the included features in the program and the amazing customer service, we have not encountered a single scenario that Cal Control can't handle. The support team is responsive and professional, and has provided excellent insight to any problems I've needed assistance with. I very much enjoy the ability to customize every report and printout; it lets the program perform exactly as I want, and opens a lot of opportunity for expansion as well.
Some small functions take more manual entry than I would like. Specifically, when creating a new measurement template, I would like to be ale to copy an entire measurement group. When I mentioned this to the customer support team, they said it had been brought up before and that they would look into it in future updates.

Bruce Owen - Quality Systems Mgr

Automotive (201-500 employees)

"CC met all of my expectations and needs. The CC Team provided a flawless download and startup."

Eliminated use of archaic gage card system resulting in an electronic, searchable database, integration of MSA documents with the specific gage (no independent filing cabinets), can take the software to "the floor" using a tablet to address the gage on site, and automated calibration notification.
Software fields are flexible to use customer specific terminology. Software stores calibration certs, gage R&R results by gage for easy retrieval. With minimal training, gage technicians were able to convert from a gage card system to an electronic system. The software system allowed us to pass our AIAG MSA, ISO/TS 16949 audit with no issues.
Requires additional help to modify or create output reports. Minor modifications of existing reports is easy. Specific reports require MS Access knowledge. Once created, no issues.

Jim Catone - Quality Engineer

Airlines/Aviation (11-50 employees)

"Excellent software!"

When I have a problem their customer service with technical help is always perfect. I never worry when I encounter a problem since I know that help is just a phone call away. Software is intuitive and easy to learn. With frequent updates they seem to be always on the cutting edge of technology and their updates make sense and include the end user in their decisions.
Easy to use. Frequent updates to keep it current.

Mike Chastain - Calibration Process Owner

Automotive (201-500 employees)

"APE Has Been A Great Choice For Us"

Natasha was really great helping me out with the minor issue I had with printing. She was very professional and courteous in her support and in a very timely manor. My thanks to your company and to Natasha. Mike
Very user friendly.

Jerry Peterfeso - Quolity manager

Consumer Goods (11-50 employees)

"Great support easy to use"

Easy to use, The customer support you get is the best, simple to use support from the install helping you set it up and instructions on how to use

Joe Pearson - Quality Assurance Supervisor


"The most affordable and easy to use Calibration Software I've ever used or have seen others use."

We had a very important re-certification audit for our AS9100/ISO9000 Quality Management System. The Audit team from NSF said our Calibration System is the best they have ever seen!!! They were so impressed with the photos of each tool/gage along with the scanned attached certs and the bar coded labels. Needless to say the owner of Kinemotive and my Quality Manager were extremely pleased. So hats off to us! Also let me say that Natasha is the best customer support rep I've ever dealt with. Her help with upgrades and any other issues I've had have always been answered and resolved in a very timely manner. Looking forward to continue using Ape Calibration indefinitely. Thanks again

David Weill - EMC Technician


"This is the first time I have used APE Software."

This is the first time I have used APE Software. After a learning curve and some help from them, the software is very use friendly to use. They like suggest from the user on improvement to the software. They are willing to help you with on any item or change you needed.

Cary Rodriguez - Calibration Technician


"APE software is an easy and efficient way to help capture calibration history for your company."

I have used this software for one year and I have about 5,000 gages currently that I handle. My overall experience with the software and APE staff has been very pleasant. I have experienced some issues stemming from security on my computer, knowledge and glitches in the software but I have had wonderful support every step of the way. Customer service is SUPERIOR. The Ape staff is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Mark has many years of experience and takes time to understand your needs. One particular time there was a glitch with my system and Mark walked me step by step through what happened, why it happened and although he had never had that problem before was able to fix the glitch with me. A big plus is that they usually answer the phone when you call but if they do not, leave a message; they return calls and emails in less than 24 hours generally and in most cases within the hour. The biggest bonus is that Mark and Natasha are always listening to suggestions, concerns, and feedback and then look for solutions to incorporate it into the software to ensure that their customers are running efficiently. Natasha and I have worked on things before and when I would suggest or make a comment and she will stop me, write down the information and I will see the fix in a future update. The software I used prior did not do even 50% of what APE software does. APE gives me the flexibility to do what I need to do and with a professional look. As for the software its very user friendly no matter what the level of computer knowledge the user has. I have not had time to read the manual and still have been able to print reports, attach documents, attach links to policies and procedures and print certificates of calibration among basic calibration record keeping. The software allows for such a variety of options so that you are able to accurately record everything happening with each gauge, tool, machine, etc. By using features like measurement groups, notes, check in and attachments it is easy to with a click of a button know your tolerance for a tool, when it was last calibrated, who checked it out last, where it is located and any documentation such as manufacturers instruction manual, certification, and repair information right from your pc. My previous software was unable to do that and did not always know how it was filed.

Nam Phan - QA Equipment and Laboratory Information Specialist


"Outstanding Service, Friendly technical Support, combined with a powerful software"

After reviewing numerous calibration systems we have decided on Ape Software's Calibration Control. The software itself is massively powerful. After speaking to the designer of the software, we were shown that updates are all based on user feedback. All design iterations have been well thought out and constant updates are being made for a better overall user experience. With a little knowledge of Microsoft Access, the program has endless customization from everything to click-able links to custom designed labels and reports. The customer support is outstanding, very patient and very fast to answer questions. The designer is very knowledgeable, friendly, and always open to suggestions and feedback. This is the kind of company I love to deal with. Responsive and open to customer feedback. Give the trial a quick go, you won't be disappointed. Call for a walk-through, and make the same decision we did for our company!

Daniel Mongeau - Technician Specialist


"If you want a low cost S/W database for managing instruments, this is the one."

CONS: I have to put one but it not really a con. The 3 hour time zone difference is a bit of a drag. PROS: Visual, browsing windows and icons placement well structured. Works well on a SQL server (big plus). We have over 15,000 instruments in the database with data and we have no glitches. A good built-in protective scheme that all auditors will love. The auditors will also like the graphs display. Very flexible for reports and labels. A good number of generic fields that you can rename. Managers will love the price. Learning curve not to long. Good PDF help file. They listen to customers. Willing to modify software if any requests are added values. Some fees are sometime necessary but at minimal cost.

Jacqueline Baker - Quality Control Manager


"Great Customer Sevice!"

I have never worked with a company that has been so quick and so willing to work with us on issues and custom works that we need with a program. With a lot of questions and help from Bill Shackleford we have made this program work for what we need here at Cal Tech. If for some reason someone needed calibration control software I would recommend this 100%. Great price and easy to use even for the basic user!

John Aldrete - Quality Manager


"Calibration Control Software"

The software is easy to use and user friendly the support team and team viewer is wonderful unlike other calibration software were you get a tech. that try's to walk you through or refers you to a class. Like the scan ability to cut down on time when it comes time to calibrate a tool no need to search just scan and the record is there. Like the THUM cuts down on data entry its automatic. This calibration meets all the requirement for ISO 9000:2008. also if you need a special field that is not in the program already you can call them and let them know what field you would like to see and they be happy to provide it. There customer services is the best.

Charles Budde - IT Manager


"Lots of maintenance - complicated to get and keep running"

Title says it all. Not ready for prime time. This is NOT a professional peice of software.

Sue Ciullo - President


"It'll WOW Ya!"

It makes me look good to my clients every time I recommend this software. 1) Slick, powerful, robust software. 2) Pricing is more than fair. 3) All upgrades free for the first year. 4) Outstanding customer service. I rarely write product reviews but I love this software!
I'm a quality consultant who has been exposed to a myriad of calibration software products. About a year ago, I was at a client's location and I saw that they had switched from a well known software package to APE. My client raved about both the software and the service. Then, I tried the software and was so impressed that I recommended it to another client. At that firm I was the primary user. I was blown away with how easy it was to use. It has every feature I could want, but Mark keeps thinking up cool, new features and adds them to subsequent releases. Oh, and the service is OVER THE TOP FABULOUS. Now, two more of my clients have purchased and are loving it! That's a total of four of my clients in just the past year who are gaga for APE.
I can't think of a single negative thing.

Bruce Osborn - Gage Department Manager


"Calibration Control"

Calibration Control is priced right and comprehensive. I have found it to be a great value.
This software is comprehensive and easy to use. The customer service / support is TOP NOTCH.
Would like a calibration interval based on usage.

Ron Cain - Quality Assurance Manager


"Incredible Support and Software"

Calibration control allowed us to take control of our calibration records. I am now begining an effort to use it to cut our calibration costs by doing some of our own in-house calibrations. Calipers, torque wrenches, crimpers, and more, his software has paid for itself. Our ISO registrars were impressed with the functionality, as well as, many of our customers as well when they perform audits.
Ease of use Customizable reports Customer support Thoroughness of application, touches all needs of calibration Enables organization to start performing independant in-house calibrations Resources and tutorials available Frequent updates with enhancements Developer open to suggestions
Customized reports are not available on the dashboard. You have to go through a couple of menus to get to them. it would be handy to be able to put links to these reports somewhere on the dashboard for easy access.

Dale Wiebe - Quality Assurance Manager


"Best Customer Support of any software I've ever used"

By far the best customer support I have ever encountered. I have never used a software in any application or field that is so responsive to issues we encountered. Even when the issue was 100% operator error, there was no condenscending attitude. All issues we have encountered have been logged and fixed in each new release, even if we were the only customer having an issue. In fact, our company is still using Windows XP (one of the only customers still using this) and he has given us XP specific help and functionality, even though his software is developed for Windows7 platform, and technically we should be upgrading to Windows7 to take advantage of all of Calibration Control's features. Absolutely unmatched customer support!
Unsurpassed support. Affordable software. Uncomplicated, easy to train others to use.
Minor problem is having to manually type calibration measurements specific to each new tool, instead of being able to have this info saved in a template so that you can save time entering info an new similar tools.

Jim Pennington - Quality Manager


"Feature rich, this system is easy to use and transfers old data from V 4.x"

This is the first Calibration software I've had occasion to use. Our previous version, V 4.x purchased by a previous administration, was OK but our Auditor did not like it. I believe it was due to the old interface and opportunity for errors. This version is updated, modern and has a much nicer look and feel for data input and reporting. I expect he will be satisfied with the data output. We transferred about 1,400 tools from our old system to the new and have added almost 200 more since then. After we get our tooling current from the data transfer we plan on investigating the Templates for more rapid entry of data. We are also going to begin to use this database and Bar Coded labels for Asset Management. I can't wait until we can get the software upgrade to make our jobs even easier. All in all, this is a great system at a great value that is performing above our expectations.
Implementation and support were superb using the telephone and Teamviewer application. Installation and personalized training in one step! Our data migrated without a hitch. Our Technician said the interface was familiar and has needed virtually no support while calibrating our tools. We purchased the label maker along with the software upgrade and, after a few modifications to a standard label, we have several custom labels for different applications.
A few glitches and inconsistencies in our old data caused some heartache in sorting and assigning new tool identifications; Good news was that this will be solved by an upcoming revision, but this is the only drawback so far. We did buy the Bar Code Wand but can't print Bar Codes on everything we'd like due to the size of the label and space restrictions and physical size of the bar code itself. This is not a software problem but it is something to consider for labels.

Chris Donnithorne - QA Specialist


"One of the best calibration databases I have used!"

I highly recommend Calibration Control to anybody looking for an all around solution to schedule devices for calibration and log device history.
Fast to learn & easy to use. Great value. Excellent customer service. Calibration Control has one huge advantage over many other calibration software packages - it is not just a scheduling program but lets you record data from the actual calibration events!
None known.

Alma Stuter - Customer Support


"Calibration Software"

Highly recommended. Great support by Ape Software.
Software is easy to use and provides the needed management reporting and ISO compliance requirements.
None at this time.

Chris Manghiuc - QA Inspector


"Easy to use"

Keep up the good job.
Easy to use and managing databases is a breeze. We have almost one thousand tools and keeping track of each one of them is easy and painless. Great customer service.
From update to update have to change some stuff, i.e. we had to change the calibration cycle for all the lost and not in use tools because v. 7 automatically made the tools lost or not in use as calibration due.

Phil Garcia - Quality Manager


"ACM Machining"

Great for companys that are doing there own calibration. Also good for tracking outside calibration. Can not beat the cost.
Easy to use, does not have a bunch of extras that are not needed. Cost & customer support.
Some of the lists & filters can be hard to get use to.

Chic Bevan - Calibration Technician


"Ape Calibration Control fit my calibration needs"

I am very happy with Ape Calibration Control and can see that when it is up to date, I will have a program that be very easy to maintain and have the information to support any audit. I Highly recommend it.
I have approx. 1500 gages to control. I find it easy to find the gage I am looking for even without the bar code in place and a snap with the bar code. It is also easy to separate the information that you want to look at. The reports come out professional looking and can be setup with the information you want. Customer support is excellent. I have ask to have a changes made to fit my situation and Mark has been great to implement what I ask for and help me understand any issue I might have.
There have been a couple of bugs to work out and usually after something new was added, but these were taken care of quickly. Also making custom reports can be tricky, but Mark set me up with the report I wanted. I just need to play with it more and should be able to put together any report I want.

Stacy Bristow - Quality Manager



I would 110% recommend to everyone who needs to handle gage control.
Tech. support is AWSOME. I have all my questions answered and usually within that day. This also works well with keeping track of maintance schedules. Impeccable, thank you.
I haven't found any.

Howard Davies - Quality Assurance manager


"Ape Calibration Control - Best Buy"

This not a bare bones program nor is it loaded with unneeded applications that would increase the cost. It is easily comparable to other programs two or three times the price. I would recommend Ape Calibration Control software to any business serious about getting control of their gage calibrations.
Ape Calibration Control software met my specific needs and at a very reasonable cost. Customer service was excellent and responses to my questions were prompt. Data from my old data base was transferred to the Ape software this is a great value-added service. Calibration Control is intuitive, stable, and easily generates needed reports.
I've had no issues or performance problems. No cons as far as I'm concerned.

Jeff Mosteller - Dir. of QA


"Ape Calibration Control"

Purchase this software and don't look back.
Ape calibration control is very intuitive. The software includes all features with no need to purchase add-ons. This full featured system offers all the capabilities of larger and more expensive systems without the unnecessary complexity. New features are added frequently and customer support is second to none. If you need a calibration program, this is your one stop shop and highly recommended.
I've not encountered any negatives to date.