Best Label Printers for Ape Software

Which label printers will work with Ape’s Software?

Calibration Control is compatible with the PC-connectable Brother P-touch label printers.

Brother P-touch Label Printers

The printer we recommend most is the PT-P900W (replacement to the PT-9700PT), which is a high volume desktop unit intended for industrial environments.  The PT-P900W will print up to 32mm (1.26 inch) width tape.  If the PT-P900W is too expensive, maybe the portable PT-P700 would be a better starting choice.  The PT-P700 uses label tape up to 24mm (1 inch) in width.  Otherwise, either printer will work with Ape Software applications.

You can find the PT-P900W and the PT-P700 at and many other online retailers.

TZe Label Tape

Fortunately, all of the P-touch label printers use the same label tape (model number starts with TZe).  This tape is resistant to temperature, UV, scratching, and spills.

Here are some of the common sizes along with their Amazon links:

Extra Adhesive Label Tape

Brother also sells label tape with extra adhesive for high-use environments or extra smooth surfaces.  Before choosing the extra adhesive, we suggest trying the normal adhesive formula first (above labels) because the additional adhesive can gum up label printers faster than the normal level of adhesive.

Speaking of gumming up your label printer, here are a couple of links to B&H Photo for Cleaning Tape:

Last updated:  28 Nov 2016