Recording and Researching Jobs

Record Equipment Used on Jobs for Traceability

It is important to know all the processes that measurement equipment touches because if the equipment is ever found out-of-tolerance (OOT) an organization must be able to determine the effect of the OOT condition on its processes.

The following dialog ('Record Job' in Common tab) is available for quick recording of equipment used on Jobs or Work Orders and can be used with barcode scanners for increased data accuracy.  Any string can be entered in the Job field while the Equipment field will recognize the label barcodes printed by Ape Software or the Equipment ID.

Equipment Used in Jobs

In the Job Browse grid, past Job entries can be filtered by Equipment ID, Job, Dates, and several other fields.  The results of a search / filter can then be printed or exported to Excel or PDF.

Job Browse Tab

Last Updated:  26 June 2019