Lost or Invalid Product Key / Lost All Records

Lost your product key or all equipment records?

In Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software), if it looks like you have lost some records or the product key is either absent or is no longer valid, the most common scenario is that there are multiple databases and you are currently connected to a new blank database.  Therefore, the solution is to redirect Ape software back to the master database.

How It Happens

Network Database:  The database has been moved to a common network location for multiple users, safety, security, and/or ease of backup.

Database Not Available:  When launching Ape, it attempts to connect to the network database and the network is down, paths are remapped, or permissions are changed.  Ape displays the following dialog and you hit the [Enter] key to get past it, thereby creating a new database in the default location on your C drive.

Database File Not Found

How to Fix

Follow the instructions under the Add Additional Users topic on the Creating a Multi-User Environment help page.

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Last updated:  27 Feb 2017