Query is Corrupt Error Message

Error Received when Starting or Updating Records

Use this help topic to resolve the 'Query is Corrupt' error message that began popping up on November 12, 2019.  On November 12, 2019 Microsoft released a security update for MS Office version 2010 and higher .  This update introduced the 'Query is Corrupt' error when attempting to update existing database records.

This bug is visible in Calibration Control when first starting the program (update attempt to Session log) and when attempting to edit and save records.

Permanent Solution

Microsoft stated that they have found and fixed this bug although it may take until December 10, 2019 to release the fix .  Note that although this MS statement says that this bug affects Access for Office 365 Access 2019 Access 2016 Access 2013, the bug also affects Access 2010.

Immediate Solution

The most immediate solution is to uninstall the MS security update affecting your installation.  These are:

  • KB4484127 for Access 2010
  • KB4484119 for Access 2013
  • KB4484113 for Access 2016

If none of the above updates are found on your system and you're using MS Access 2019, you may need to downgrade from Version 1808 (Build 10352.20042) to Version 1808 (Build 10351.20054).  If you're using Office 365 ProPlus, downgrade from Version 1910 (Build 12130.20344) to a previous build.

After uninstalling the related update, remember to Hide that same update (Windows 7) or Pause Updates (Windows 10).

For a more detailed developer-level discussion, refer to the related discussion topic on Stack Overflow (non-Microsoft).

Updating Calibration Control Version

Do not attempt to update your version of Calibration Control until this issues is resolved first.  Part of the software update process involves updating reference records in your database, which will not work if this bug is present on your computer.  Contact Ape Software for assistance with updating or resolving this bug.  This is a free service if your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is current.

Note:  This update warning applies to Calibration Control installations using MS Access as their back-end database.  Feel free to update if you're using SQL Server.

Last Updated:  14 November 2019