Troubleshoot Calibration Control Not Working

Why Did Calibration Control Stop Working?

There are a few reasons why Calibration Control would stop working.  Use these troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem.  If these steps do not work, give us a call to set up a screenshare.

Missing Database Drivers

The most common problem that would cause CC to stop working is that the database drivers are not up to date or were deleted by another program.  Sometimes the installation of other versions of MS Office will remove these drivers and they may need to be re-installed.  Download the most current MS drivers here, and see if that resolves the issue.

Missing .NET Drivers

If installing the database drivers does not help resolve the issue, try installing the .NET drivers.

Missing Read/Write Privileges

Calibration Control requires users read/write access in a few folder locations that are listed in Minimum Requirements.  Without the proper permissions to those folders, users cannot save changes in Calibration Control.  The error messages usually indicate if the user is denied the privilege to create, edit, delete in the network folder location where the database resides, (e.g., "Insert Unsuccessful: The database insert failed." or "Data provider failed while executing a provider command. Operation must use an updateable query.").

Cannot Connect to an Unstable Database

If users receive an error message opening Calibration Control that reads, "Data Provider could not be initiated," this points to problems within the database and Calibration Control cannot connect to it.  Most of the time, a corrupt MS Access database can be quickly repaired.  Refer to our troubleshooting tips for MS Access Database Corruption and How to Repair your MS Access Database.  If SQL Server database is corrupt, contact us for troubleshooting help.

Server is Waiting for a Response

The server might require a response relating to the database locking file (*.ldb).  See if there are any messages on your server that need to be dismissed.

Get Ape Support

If installing the drivers does not work, send us an email and attach the following files from this folder (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Ape Software\Calibration Control) on your computer:

  • connectionlog*.csv
  • errorlog*.html
  • general.config

If you can, zip up a copy of your database and add it to these files.

Last Updated:  27 May 2020