Date Masks in Calibration Control

A mask is a way to format a field to make the data in that field look a specific way.  Calibration Control gives you the ability to format some of the more important date, string, and number fields.  Find 'Masks - Date' in the Advanced tab of the Program Options dialog.

Date Masks Dialog

The date formatting methods used in CC are software industry standards used by MS.  For example, a date mask like MM/dd/yyyy, would format August 23, 2022 into 08/23/2022.

Here are some sample date mask results for the date of August 23, 2022 . . .

Date Masks

Mask Result
MMMM August
MM 08
M August 23
dddd Monday
ddd Mon
dd 23
d 8/23/2022
yyyy 2022
yy 22
y August, 2022
[M] M
[Anything in Brackets] Anything in Brackets

Each section in this dialog controls the settings for that specific date mask.  They give users the ability to define a standard mask for all new records in that category.  The date masks are sorted into 3 categories - masks for grids, masks for controls, and label date masks.  Each mask uses a drop-down menu to select the desired format (i.e., MM/dd/yyyy).  An example of each mask is shown in orange and changes in real time.  To reset all masks to default settings, click on the [Reset All Masks & Formats] button at the bottom of the dialog.  When done, click [Submit] to save changes.

Date Masks for Controls

Last Updated:  18 March 2021