Date Masks in Calibration Control

A mask is a way to format a field to make the data in that field look a specific way.  Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) gives you the ability to format some of the more important date, string, and number fields.  Find the 'Date Masks' tab in the Labels tab of the Program Options dialog.

Date Masks Dialog

The date formatting methods used in CC are software industry standards used by MS.  For example, a date mask like MM/dd/yyyy, would format August 23, 2022 into 08/23/2022.

Here are some sample date mask results for the date of August 23, 2022 . . .

Date Masks

Mask Result
MMMM August
MM 08
M August 23
dddd Monday
ddd Mon
dd 23
d 8/23/2022
yyyy 2022
yy 22
y August, 2022
[M] M
[Anything in Brackets] Anything in Brackets

Each section in this dialog controls the settings for that specific date mask.  They give users the ability to define a standard mask for all new records in that category.  The date masks are sorted into 3 categories - masks for grids, masks for controls, and label date masks.  Each mask uses a drop-down menu to select the desired format (i.e., MM/dd/yyyy).  An example of each mask is shown in orange and changes in real time.  To reset all masks to default settings, click on the [Reset All Masks & Formats] button at the bottom of the dialog.  When done, click [Submit] to save changes.

Date Masks for Controls

Last Updated:  25 July 2019