Use the Departments grid and dialog to edit data related to Departments that appear in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) Equipment Records.  Display the Departments grid by clicking on its icon in the Data Grids tab of the ribbon menu.

Departments Grid

Edit Department Dialog

Manage information related to a Department record:

  • Department:  The name of the department.  This is a required field.
  • Code:  A short identifier or acronym for the Department.  This is a required field.
  • Type:  The department type (i.e., Fabrication, Engineering, etc.).
  • Manager:  The Department Manager; Person to whom Calibration Control can send emails.
  • Contact:  The Department Contact; Person to whom Calibration Control can send emails.
  • Is Active Checkbox:  If checked, this shows that the Department Code is actively being used in the database.
  • Notes:  A notes field for the department record.
Departments Dialog

Other Tabs

Within the Departments dialog there are three other tabs besides the main Department tab.  The first is for Notes related to the Department dialog that can be added or linked from other records.

The Custom tab contains fields that can be customized to add Characters, Dates, Numbers, and Check boxes.  Visit the Change Field Names help topic to learn how to edit these fields.

The Meta tab shows a READ-ONLY log of who created the Department record and when, as well as who updated the record and when.  This tab is populated automatically for security purposes and is not editable.

Last Updated:  25 June 2019