Change Field Names

Change the Text of Field Labels

Rename any field in Calibration Control dialogs or forms for better usability.

Edit Form Labels

From Options (located in the Utilities or File tabs) navigate to the 'Advanced' tab and select the [Label Edit] button.

Edit Form Labels

From the Edit Forms Labels dialog (shown above), use the 'Select Dialog' drop-down to select which dialog screen to modify.  In the example below, selecting Company will display all fields within the Company dialog.

Edit Form Labels

Edit Fields and Labels

After finding the label to modify, manually edit the Control Text (what the field says), Updated By (who modified it), and Record Updated (when it was modified).

Edit Forms Labels Dialog

Change the 'Help Tip' field to edit the text shown while the cursor hovers over the control.  (Note:  Not all controls have the ability to display 'Help Tip' text, like column headers in data grids.)

Reset Changes

If a mistake is made, set all the values back to default by clicking the [Reset THIS Dialog to Default] for the single dialog displayed, or by clicking [Reset ALL Dialogs to Default] for all dialogs.  Additionally, double-click on any single record and right-click to select the [Reset THIS Record] option.

Modifications of Form Labels are highlighted green to show the custom changes.

Reset Changes

Custom Fields

The Custom Tabs in dialogs are very useful.  Rename these available fields with the same steps.

For example, here is the default Custom Fields tab in the 'PersonEdit' dialog:

Custom Fields Blank

And after renaming the Custom fields, it could display as shown below:

Custom Fields Edited

Last Updated:  23 March 2021