Downgrading a Database

Return database to the previous version

Sometimes after a new version of Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) is deployed a decision is made to return to a previous version.  Unfortunately, many Ape updates include changes to the database, which cannot be uninstalled as easily as the software.  This is why a manual database backup is strongly encouraged before updating the MS SQL Server database and an automatic backup is made before updating the MS Access database.

Restore Access Database

  1. Understand the Folders used by Ape
  2. Open the Data folder and rename the apecal.mdb (e.g., higher-version-apecal.mdb)
  3. In the same folder, rename the most recent database backup file from apecal-auto-backup-[long number].dbk to apecal.mdb.
  4. Install the previous version of Ape or download and install one of the older Ape versions that your product key works with.
  5. Restart the previous version of Ape to confirm the database works.
dbk Backup File

Restore SQL Server Database

Use the same instructions in Installing SQL Server – Restore (1st Method) except choose the file you backed up as part of the update process.

Last updated:  8 Feb 2017