Print Future Calibration Labels

Print Calibration Labels to Apply at a Future Date

Using Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software), this feature is useful in a scenario where a Technician must calibrate Equipment at a remote site but does not have the ability to print labels while at that site.  With this feature, a Technician can print a range of labels with a future Calibration date and apply those labels on site assuming the Unit Under Test (UUT) passes.  Printing labels with this feature does not update the Calibration dates of the Equipment.

Printing Future Labels

Print Future Calibration Labels by selecting a group of records, right-clicking to get the pop-up menu, and selecting Print -> Future Calibration Labels.  Use the Filter Row in the Equipment grid to filter only the rows required.

Print Future Calibration Labels

Set the future calibration date and the appropriate technician for the labels.

Future Calibration Date

Depending on the type of label selected, different information will be displayed in different styles.  This label shows the Technician name, the Future Calibration Date, and the date it will be Due for Calibration.  The customizable fields are shown in red for reference.

Future Calibration Label

Last Updated:  8 July 2019