Highlight Colors of the Equipment Grid

Understanding the Highlighted Colors for Equipment Records

The Equipment Grid can use highlight colors on the rows of Equipment records to help users visually identify certain aspects about the Equipment records while browsing in the Equipment Grid.  Default highlight colors can be customized.

Default Highlight Color Coding:

  • Green :  Equipment marked as Calibration Standards (and not yet due for calibration)
  • Yellow :  Equipment DUE SOON based on Reminder Lead Days
  • Pink :  Equipment PAST DUE its next date for calibration / maintenance
  • Gray :  Equipment Received for Service / Calibration
  • Red :  Equipment Received Out of Tolerance / Calibration failed on receipt

Showing/Hiding Colors

Turn on or off visibility of highlight colors by right-clicking for the context menu in the Equipment grid, and toggling any of the five selections in the 'Highlight' options:  

Highlight Options in Context Menu

Define Highlight Colors

Manage custom highlight color coding from the Advanced tab of the program Options dialog. 

Highlight Colors Options Dialog
Customize the highlight colors to something else that makes more sense for your organization, or click the [Reset] button to restore the default colors. 
Default Highlight Colors Menu Dialog

Pink = 'Past Due'     Yellow = 'Calibration / Maintenance Due Soon'     Green = 'Calibration Standard'    

Red = 'Calibration Failed on Receipt'     Gray = 'Received for Calibration'    

Grid Color Coding

About Reminder Lead Days

(Calibration Due and Maintenance Due)

Equipment not yet past the Next Calibration nor Maintenance Due date, but coming “due soon”, are highlighted Yellow.  Due soon is defined by the Reminder Lead Days field in the program Options dialog > Advanced tab > Calibrations .   The default setting for Reminder Lead Days is 30 Days notice.  Once Equipment have passed the Next Calibration or Maintenance Due dates, the highlight color coding will automatically change in the Equipment grid to either the default "past due" color (pink) or your customized highlight color.

Reminder Lead Days

Calibration Standards Highlight

Equipment marked as Calibration / Test Standard are highlighted Green until they are Past Due or Soon to be Due Cal.  Identify Equipment records as Standards by marking the 'Is Calibration / Test Standard' check box in the Calibrations tab of the Equipment dialog.

Is Calibration/Test Standard

Received Out of Tolerance (OOT) Highlight

If any of the past Calibrations of a given Equipment have an 'As Found' status of Out of Tolerance (OOT), the record is highlighted red in the Equipment grid.  Remove the red highlight of Equipment records by marking the 'OOT Investigated' checkbox within that Equipment Calibration Event record.

Out of Tolerance Investigated

Received (for Service) Highlight

Equipment records with a Received Date field populated is highlighted gray by default in the Equipment Grid.  See how to use the Status Change feature dialog to automatically set the Equipment record as "Received" by a specific status code and also set the Received for Cal date in the Edit Equipment dialog.

Received for Calibration Date

Last Updated:  08 November 2021