Startup INI

Single Connection Configuration for All Users

In network environments where the Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software ) program files are installed on a single file server and executed from multiple clients, the Startup INI (startup.ini) gives Network Administrators the ability to configure database connection properties in a single location.  Each time Ape starts, it looks for the “startup.ini” file in the same folder as the executable.  If found, the connection settings in the “startup.ini” file take precedence over connection settings, or absence of settings, at the Client level.

Additionally, all data stored in the INI file (e.g., database name, location, server, password, etc.) is 128 bit encrypted.

Before Using the INI Utility

Before creating the “startup.ini”, install the Ape Software on the computer/server and Create a Multi-User Environment.  Note that the Minimum System and Configuration Requirements is a highly relevant and useful document that will help prevent deployment issues and should be followed.

Start the INI Utility

Select the Startup INI menu option of the Utilities tab of the ribbon menu.

Startup INI in the Ribbon Menu

Startup INI Editor

Work with your internal IT group to assist with setup if further help is needed.  All enabled fields (fields that can be typed in) are required except for the Password fields when the Database Type is set to [MS] Access.

Startup INI Editor

Last Updated:  9 July 2019