Hiding Equipment Records by Status

Use Equipment Status to Manage Visibility

It's a good practice to not delete equipment records in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) even after the equipment is no longer in use.  Keeping out-of-use equipment visible can clutter up the Equipment grid and Due Cal reports, making them more difficult to use.  To help fix this problem, choose which Equipment Status Codes should be visible and which should be hidden and archived from the active equipment.

Status Codes Visibility

Create new, edit, or delete Equipment Status Codes, as well as manage the visibility of which Status Codes can show or hide records in the Equipment grid.  Under the Data Grids tab of the ribbon menu, select Codes to view the grouped Codes grid.

Status Codes Grid

The Status Codes - Equipment codes group shows all Status Codes available, active or inactive, visible or hidden.  Edit an existing status code or add a new code.   In the Add Status Code dialog, there is a [Is Hidden] checkbox that, when checked, hides (or archives) any Equipment records using this status code from the current Equipment grid, default Due Cal reports, and Auto-Notify events.  Uncheck the [Is Hidden] checkbox to make all records with that Status Code visible and present in the current Equipment grid and reports.  You can always view all hidden records in the Equipment grid.

Add Status Code

Show/Hide Hidden Equipment Records

To see all Equipment records, including those with hidden Status Codes, you can change the view of Equipment.  To do so, right-click in the Equipment grid, and near the bottom of the context menu, click the [All Equipment — Show Hidden] view option or press [F8].  This Equipment Grid view shows all existing records in total, both the current and active Equipment as well as the hidden or archived records.  The grid header will read [Equipment — Including Hidden] as a reminder to users that there may be a higher count of Equipment records now if Hidden Status Codes are in use, (e.g., Inactive, Broken, Lost, etc.).

Show or Hide Hidden Records

The YouTube video link below shows how to use this feature in an older version of Calibration Control.  While the software appearance may differ, the how-to concept remains true for hiding status codes as demonstrated in the video.

Last Updated:  29 April 2021