Module Codes

Tabs such as 'Calibration', 'CRM', and 'Samples' each have their own Module Codes grid that keeps all of the module codes for that specific tab in one place.

Module Codes Grid

Add or edit any drop down menu option by finding the corresponding category in the 'Group' column.

Module Codes Grid

Adding a New Code

Right click in the Module Codes grid to bring up a new Add Code dialog.  Within the Edit Code dialog are Code and Custom tabs.

  • The Code refers to the specific item in the drop down menu.
  • The Group refers to the drop down menu name.
  • The Sequence number refers to the order they appear in the drop down menu.
Edit Code Dialog: Code Tab

Custom Tab

The Custom Tab includes blank fields that are available to suit your needs.

Edit Code Dialog: Custom Tab

After entering new Module Codes, navigate to the Utilities tab and click on the [Reload Data Tables] button to make them visible.

Last updated: 4 Jan 2017