Application Codes

All of the simple codes (used in drop downs and other locations) are kept in a single Codes grid for easy reference and update.  To edit a Code record, click on the Codes icon within the Data Grids tab of the ribbon menu.

By default the Codes grid is itemized for ease of use; click on a [+] icon from the left side to expand each category and double-click on a record to edit it.

Codes Grid

Codes List

Adding a New Code

Right click in the Codes grid to bring up a new Add Code dialog.  Within the Code dialog are Code, Custom, and Meta tabs.

  • Code refers to the specific item in the drop down menu.
  • Code Short refers to the acronym chosen for the code.
  • Group refers to the drop down menu category that it belongs to.
  • The Sequence number refers to the order this code will appear in the drop down menu.
  • The "Is Active" checkbox allows you to show or hide a code.
  • The Locations codes can have a Sub Location.  This option allows you to add a custom sub location code.  To do this, create a new Code record for the Locations Code Group, and choose the option for "Location Types" under the Group drop-down menu.  Now save the record and it will become an option for Sub Location.
Edit Code Dialog: Code Tab

Custom Tab

Custom fields are available for adding Characters, Dates, Numbers, and Check boxes.  Visit the Change Field Names help topic to learn how to edit these fields.

Edit Code Dialog: Custom Tab

Meta Tab

This is a READ-ONLY information tab used as a reference to view which user created the record and which user was the last to edit it, including the dates and times these occurred.

Codes Table Meta Tab

Last Updated:  27 December 2021