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Report Settings

Find and change settings of custom reports

Within the 'Report Designer' grid (found in the Utilities tab of the ribbon menu), find and modify the settings of the custom reports.  Adjust paper size, orientation, gutters, styles, fonts, and more.

Open Settings

Find most of the settings for the custom reports by double-clicking the Settings node in the top-right corner of the Report Designer.

Report Settings Node

Page Setup

Adjust the Margins and Gutter settings.

Page Setup

Printer Settings

Set paper size, orientation, and other page settings.

Printer Settings


Define new or edit existing font styles.

Styles Settings


Modify the Report Designer settings for layout, units, maximum number of preview pages, and word-wrap in the Script Editor page.

Global Settings

Last updated: 27 Feb 2017

Compatibility: Calibration Control MS Access Versions 5.x and Higher

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