Displaying Charts

Quick Start Video

Watch a quick video to learn about the Chart feature in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software).

Use Pie, Column, and Bar Charts to Visualize Your Data

Display the Charts grid by clicking on the Charts icon in the Calibration tab of the ribbon menu.

Calibration Charts in the Ribbon Menu

Chart Data Tables

Use the Data Table combo box to select what information is shown in the Chart.

Data Table Drop-Down Menu

Customize a Chart by editing the default Title and by changing the settings for Chart Type, Color Model, and Legend position.  Use the Data Table combo box to choose which department information is used.

Sample Chart

Saving and Printing Charts

Right-click the Chart screen to Save (several formats) or Print the Chart.  ‘Save as PNG – Transparent Background’ is recommended for use in reports and presentations with backgrounds other than white.

Charts Context Menu

3D Charts

Change the viewing angle on 3D Chart Types by holding down [Alt] and then clicking and dragging the mouse to the best angle.  Zoom in and out of the Chart by rolling the mouse roller back and forth while keeping the [Alt] button pressed.

Moving 3D Charts

‘Min Others Pie Slice’ (for pie charts only)

Use ‘Min Others Pie Slice’ to group very small percentages into an ‘Other’ category.  This helps to declutter the pie chart when there are too many slices.

Others Pie Slice

Last Updated:  19 August 2019