Company Types

Edit Company Type Codes

Although any number of Company Type codes can be created, there are five Types important to Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software).  These five Types identify which of the categories created will show up as choices in the Site, Manufacturer, and Calibration Service Provider, Client, or Supplier combo boxes (drop downs).


Display the Company Types screen by clicking Company Types in the Common Data tab of the menu ribbon.

Company Types


The Company Type screen can be filtered just like the other Calibration Control grids.  Change the name of any field to continue using words that make sense to your organization.  The Default settings are shown below.

Company Types Grid


Double-click on Type Name to change the Name and to choose whether that Type is a Site, Manufacturer, Calibration Service Provider, Client, or Supplier.

Edit Company Type

Last Updated: 12 February 2018