Companies Dialog

Edit Dialog for All Companies

Find the Companies selection in the Common Data tab of the menu ribbon of Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software).

Companies in the Ribbon Menu

Main Tab

  • Name:  Name of the Company.  This is the only required field for a new Company record.
  • ID Number:  Unique identification given to companies.
  • Web:  Company website.
  • Type:  Select the Company Type (Calibration Service Provider, Manufacturer, Site, etc.).
  • Status:  Select the status of the company (Active, Approved, Inactive, etc.).
  • Next Onsite:  Select the date that the technician will be on site next.
  • Primary and Secondary Address:  Enter the Company’s address(es).
  • Notes:  Use the notes field for whatever purpose your team needs.
Main Companies Dialog

Phone & Email Tab

  • Phones:  Enter the Company Phone and Fax numbers.
  • Email:  Enter Email addresses related to the Company.  Designate each email by Primary, Opt out, or Invalid Boolean fields.  Select the Boolean Field to ‘Send Email Notifications’.
Phone and Email Companies Dialog

Custom Fields Tab

Use these extra fields to suit your needs.

Custom Fields Companies Dialog

People Tab

Use this tab to associate People with Companies and designate them 'Due Cal Contact'.

People Companies Dialog

Overrides Tab

While default labels and reports are defined at a global (application) level in the Options dialog, Overrides for the Labels and Reports listed here can be entered for this specific Company.

Overrides Companies Tab

Last Updated: 10 January 2018