Update Access Database to Current Version

Fixing access database if update has frozen

This help topic pertains only to installations of Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) that use MS Access as their database (vs. MS SQL Server).  This topic is also especially applicable to large database updates like version 7.3 and 8.0.

After installing a new version of the MS Access Database (apecal.mdb), it may require an update.  Ape Software will usually update the database automatically when running a new version of the software for the first time.

Update Database

In some situations (e.g., database on remote server of slow network, slow client computer, and/or very large database), the update process will proceed slowly and may appear to have frozen.  In situations where it appears to have frozen, the best action is to leave it alone (do not cancel) because it is most likely that only the update dialog has frozen although the update process continues.

If an update is stopped before finishing completely, do the following:

  1. Ensure you are familiar with the folders used by MS Access.
  2. Open the Data folder and rename the apecal.mdb database (e.g., old-apecal.mdb).
  3. In the Data folder (same folder) find the most recent file that looks similar to 'apecal-auto-backup-634863253638932672.dbk'.  This is an auto backup of the database, which was the first step in the attempted backup process.
  4. If the database is not already on the local computer (your PC), copy the .dbk file to the Settings folder (on your computer) and rename it to apecal.mdb.
  5. Restart Ape and allow it to begin the update process again.  This time, even if the progress dialog freezes, do not cancel.
  6. Assuming all previous steps complete successfully, move the database back to its network location (if applicable).

If the steps above do not work, place the .dbk file (non-upgraded database) in a zip file and email it to Ape so we can convert the database for you.  For large zip files, and if you know how, place the zip file on a file server and send the link to Ape instead of the file.

Last updated:  8 Feb 2017