Chain Printing Labels

Quick Start Video

Watch this video to get a quick start in understanding how to save label tape by using the chain printing function in Calibration Control, our Calibration Management Software.

How to chain print labels to save label tape

There are two ways to print labels using the Brother label printers.  The first way is to print them one at a time and have them cut individually with a small tab of blank label on the front of each piece.  The second is to print them all at the same time leaving each piece scored and ready to use, with only one piece of blank label at the beginning of the strip.

Printing Style #1 (individually):

By default, labels are printed individually with the small tab of blank label tape at the front:

Default Asset Tag

Printing Style #2 (chain printed):

From the File tab in the top left corner, choose the 'Options' button and navigate to the 'Labels' tab of the Program Options dialog.  At the bottom of the dialog there is the 'Chain Printing (not for all models)' checkbox.  Check this box to enable chain printing.  Uncheck the box in order to go back to printing them individually.

Chain Printing Checkbox

The chain printed labels will look like this:

Chain Printing Asset Tag

Last updated:  1 Aug 2017