Options - Check Out

Use the Check Out Options to configure global settings for the Check Out dialog in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) and the CC Terminal Mode.   Check Out Options are defined below.

Program Options - Check Out

  • Prevent Check Out if already Checked Out:  Equipment that is checked out must be checked in before another check out is allowed.  This option is unchecked by default, which allows users to submit multiple sequential check out transactions on the same record of equipment.
  • Default Use Count Check In/Out Quantities:  For Equipment with Use Count frequency (e.g, use count, use days, use hours), the Check Out dialog manages units of use count increments with Check Out transactions.  Determine how many increments should be added to the current use count of equipment during the Check Out and/or Check In.
  • Auto Assign Authenticated User in Check Out Dialog:  If using the application with User Authentication (Sign-in mode), and if the signed-in User is also tied to a Person record, then this can automatically assign the user's name to populate the 'Checked Out By' Person field in the Check Out dialog.
  • Do Not Allow Check Out of Hidden Equipment:  Prevent equipment with a Hidden Status from being checked out.
  • Only Current User Can Check Out Equipment:  When using User Authentication, only the signed-in user is the allowed to perform a Check Out. No other Person can be selected as the one checking in / out.
  • Require Fields: 
    • Person Field During Check Out
    • Work Order Field During Check Out (i.e., a Reference field of Short Note or Job Number)
    • Status Field During Check In AND Out

Last Updated:  30 May 2023