Troubleshoot Database Location

Why Am I Seeing the "Choose Database Type" Dialog?

When Calibration Control starts up, it looks in the Settings Folder to find the "general.config" file which tells CC where the database is located.  If that file is missing, has been moved, or has been renamed CC prompts the "Choose Database Format" dialog.  To navigate to the misplaced database, choose the "BROWSE to Existing Database" option and click [Continue].

Browse to Existing Database

In order to browse to the existing database you must first know where the database has been moved to.  This is a question that Ape Software does not know, but once the existing database has been located by you then the Calibration Control software will remember the current location.

Last Known Location of Database

When the location of the database is unknown, check the Connection Log which is located in the Settings Folder [C:\Users\Public\Documents\Ape Software\Calibration Control].

Connection Log

Within the Connection Log Excel document, locate the most recent date and its database path will show a network location of where the database used to be.  This may give some insight into where the new database location would be.

To reset Calibration Control to factory default, delete the "general.config" file and restart Calibration Control.

Last Updated:  24 September 2019