Sample Calibration Database

Explore Calibration Control with Sample Data

The Sample Database is most useful during the trial period but can be accessed at any time.

Selecting the Sample Database on First Start

When Calibration Control starts for the first time there are two database formats to choose from, MS Access or SQL Server.  The Sample Database is only available for MS Access so click the [MS Access] button to continue.

Choose Database Format

In the next dialog (Choose Database Type), check the "CREATE New SAMPLE Database" checkbox and click the [Continue] button.

Choose Database Type

The Trial Period Notification dialog pops up each time Calibration Control starts without a current Product Key.  If a Product Key has been purchased click the [Yes] button to use it in the Sample Database.  Otherwise, click the [No] button to continue.

Trial Period Notification
When Calibration Control starts, about 300 sample records will be visible.
Sample Database

Selecting Sample Database After Program Start

Open the Options dialog from either the File or Utilities tab of the ribbon menu and navigate to the Admin tab.  Click the [Switch to Sample Database] button.

Switch to Sample Database

Then click the [Yes] button in the following Show Sample Database dialog.

Show Sample Database

Last Updated:  10 January 2018