Status Change Dialog

Quickly Change Status of Multiple Equipment

Change the status of multiple pieces of equipment quickly and accurately in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software).  For instance, when receiving several pieces of equipment for calibration (or any other status), change the status of each tool with a single barcode scan after setting the "Change to What Status?" field.

Status Change in Ribbon

Open the Status dialog from the Status Change option.

Status Change in Ribbon Menu

Using the Status Change Dialog

Select a new status code for a piece of equipment in the “Change to What Status?” field combo-box.  If entering the Equipment ID manually, uncheck the "Use Barcode Scanner for Data Entry" checkbox, and manually type in the Equipment ID and click [Submit]. 

Repeat with as many pieces of equipment that require the new status.  When all necessary status changes are completed, click [Finished] to exit the Status Change dialog.

Status Change

If using a barcode scanner, ensure the "Use Barcode Scanner for Data Entry" box is checked and scan the barcode on the asset label previously printed from Calibration Control.  (There may not be a need to click the [Submit] button when using a barcode scanner due to carriage return setting default in some scanners.)  Repeat the equipment scan, or data entry, until all necessary status changes are complete.  Click [Finished] to close out of the Status Change dialog.

Received for Cal with Status Change Dialog

By default, using the Status Change activity dialog will (a) update the Status code in the Equipment record and (b) save a Note in the Equipment record and Change Log describing that this status change took place. 

Additionally, if a specific Status code is defined in the Options > Advanced > Calibrations, the 'Received Date' auto-populates in the Equipment record when this Status code is used in the Status Change dialog.  Check the box to null the Received (for Cal) Date field in the Equipment record whenever a new Calibration Event is saved with a 'Passed' Status.

Options Calibrations Received For Calibration Status

Alternatively, in the reverse sense, if the Equipment Status code is changed from its designated Received status using the Status Change dialog, then the Received (for Cal) Date automatically clears in the Equipment record.

Status Change Cal Received Date Cleared

Last Updated:  14 July 2022