Options - Calibration

Modify Calibrations global settings to better fit your company's standards within Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) in Options > Advanced > Calibrations.

Program Options - Calibrations

Calibration Options

  • Status on Calibration Pass: Automatically changes the Equipment Status once a new Calibration has Passed results.
  • Status on Calibration Fail: Automatically changes the Equipment Status if a new Calibration has Failed results.
  • Reminder Lead Days: The number of days in advance that determine when equipment become "soon due" and begin to appear in Due Cal Reports, Auto Notifications, and the Equipment Due for Calibration grid.
  • Received for Calibration Status: Using this status code in the Status Change activity dialog automatically sets the following for selected Equipment:
      1. Equipment Status is changed to this Status Code. 
      2. Today's date is set in the Received for Cal date field.
      3. New historical note record is created. 
  • Certificate Reference Method: When printing a Calibration Certificate, if a Standard is linked to the calibration's measurement groups, the selected value determines which Certificate number value will appear. . .
    Options Calibration Certificate Number Reference Method
    • Use Equipment Only: Pulls the certificate value from the Equipment record's Certificate field (under the Calibration tab). If the field remains blank in an Standard Equipment record and the Standard gets linked in a Calibration Measurement Group, the Standard's cert number on a certificate will remain blank.
    • Use Calibration Only: Uses the last Calibration Event's Certificate Number and ignores anything populating the Equipment record's Certificate field. That way, users could choose to re-utilize the Equipment Certificate field if they want.
    • Use Equipment When Not Null: Uses the last Calibration's Certificate Number UNLESS there is a number populating in the Equipment's Certificate field. In that case, the Equipment record's Certificate Field overrides.
  • Default Calibration Grid History: The default number of past calibration days that will appear in the Calibrations History grid for faster load-time.
  • Include Certificate PDF Attachments When Saving Certificates to PDF: Added in v9.2.5:  This setting will combine any PDFs attached to the Calibration record to print together when printing a Range of Calibration Certificates to PDF from the Equipment Grid.
  • Added Feature in Program Options - Calibrations
  • Manually Set Due Dates in Equipment Dialog:  Normally, the Calibration Due (Next Cal) is automatically calculated based on the Last Calibration and the Calibration Frequency.  Therefore, checking this option for manual set will disable the automatic calculation.
  • Ask to Print OOT Worksheet When Received OOT:  When a new Calibration is saved with an 'As Found' condition of Received Out Of Tolerance (OOT) status, the user will be asked whether to print an OOT Worksheet. 
  • Null Cal Received Date on Successful Cal*: When a new Calibration is saved with the 'As Left' condition of Passed status, this will automatically null and remove the current 'Received for Calibration' date field in the Equipment record.
  • Use Last Calibration as Template if No Template Linked:  (This setting is checked by default.) When a new Calibration event is created, the Equipment's previous, most recent Calibration measurements act as the template for the new Calibration's Measurement Template if no template is otherwise linked to the Equipment.
  • Prevent Entry of Future Date for Calibration Dates:  Prevent the manual entry of a calibration due date in the future.
  • Block Printing of Due Cal Labels for Failed Calibrations:  Prevent users from printing Next Due Calibration Labels until the Equipment passes Calibration.
  • Work Days:  Select which days of the week are considered work days for calibrations.

Last Updated:  26 May 2022