Custom Barcodes

Use Unique Barcodes Already on Equipment

If Equipment already has a unique barcode (e.g., asset or serial number), that number can be entered into its equipment record and used to locate and open its record.  Make sure that this barcode is only used once per equipment record because there is no way for Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) to differentiate two equipment records with the same barcode number.

Custom Barcode Field

Open an Equipment record and select the Other tab (far right).  Enter the unique custom barcode in the custom Barcode field.  The most accurate way of entering the custom barcode is to place the cursor in the custom Barcode field and scan the barcode into the field.

Equipment Barcode Field

Barcode Scan Dialog

Close the Equipment dialog, returning to the Main Browse grid.  Press the [F3] button to bring up the following small dialog.  When this dialog (below) is visible and a barcode is scanned, Calibration Control will know to look in the custom barcode field in addition to the default field.

Barcode Scan Dialog

Last Updated:  10 January 2018