Create a note within an existing record to organize extra information.  Changes such as an asset transfer, asset issue, asset receive, check out, and status change are also recorded as note records.

Notes Grid

Access the Notes grid by clicking on the notepad icon in the Data Grids tab of the ribbon menu.

Notes Icon and Grid

Notes Dialog

Use the Notes dialog to organize information related to the Note and its relationship to Equipment, Companies, and People.  This dialog also includes a Custom and Meta tab.

Notes Dialog

Easily keep track of all the equipment records associated with a specific Note by linking them using the panel grid in the Equipment tab.  From within the 'Edit Equipment' dialog (in the Equipment grid), add a new Note to a record and it will automatically be available in the Notes grid.

Notes Equipment Tab

In the Companies tab, add or link Companies to a Note record.  When a Note is added to a Company record it will be available in the Notes grid.

Notes Companies Tab

Add and link People to a Note record using the People tab of the Notes dialog.  When a Note is added to a Person record it will show up in the Notes grid.

Notes People Tab

Other Tabs

  • Custom Tab:  Custom fields are available for adding Characters, Dates, Numbers, and Check boxes.  Visit the Change Field Names help topic to learn how to edit these fields.
  • Meta Tab:  This is a READ-ONLY information tab used as a reference to view which user created the record and which user was the last to edit it; including the dates and times these occurred.

Last Updated:  19 August 2019