Equipment Systems

Groups of Equipment Records

Combine separate equipment records in Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) into a group (system) for any purpose, such as creating a single test system.

View Systems Grid

Select the Systems feature from the Calibration tab of the menu ribbon.

Systems in Ribbon Menu

Equipment System Dialog

From the Systems grid, double-click to open a record or right-click to use the context menu.  Use the Equipment System dialog to enter and edit information related to Equipment Systems.

Add Equipment System
  • System Name: Name of the System.  This is the only required field for a new Systems record.
  • System Code: Shorter code name of the System
  • Site: Company field for geographic Site or Company.
  • Department: The department in your organization where the System is currently located.
  • Location: The location within the department where the System can be found.  This could be a specific area or work place, even an engineer's desk.
  • Status: Select the system's current Status from the combo box.
  • Custodian: Select an individual who has possession or custody of a System.
  • Technician: The person who normally calibrates this System.
  • Owner: The System Owner (Person field), if not the organization.
  • Checked Out By: This field will auto-populate if a Person was required or identified during check out.
  • Checked Out: This field will auto-populate with the date if the System is currently checked out.
  • Certificate: Certificate number that was issued by the organization responsible for its last Calibration event. Primarily used as an aid for traceability back to a national measurement standard, especially if this System is a Calibration/Test Standard.
  • Notes: Add short descriptions to an Equipment System record.

Equipment Tab

To assign Equipment records to an Equipment System, select the Equipment tab in the System dialog.  Click the link button to choose which Equipment records belong to this System.

Add Link Equipment to System
System Linked Equipment

(An alternative method to link Equipment records to an Equipment System is shown in the next section below.)

Notes Tab

Create a new Note record or link existing Notes related to this Equipment System.

Notes Tab of System Dialog

Custom Fields Tab

Customizable fields are available to rename and utilize Characters (text fields), Dates, Numbers, and Check boxes (booleans).  Visit the Change Field Names help topic to learn how to edit these field names.

Custom Tab of System Dialog

Meta Tab

This is a READ-ONLY information tab used as a reference to view which user created the record and which user was the last to edit it, including the dates and times these occurred.

Mass Update Function

Update Equipment Records: Edit System fields and apply those changes to all related Equipment records tied to that System with the [Update Equipment Records] button of the System dialog.

Update System Equipment

From the pop-up dialog, confirm which fields should update for all linked Equipment. All fields are checkmarked by default. Blank fields are empty values that will also update (and clear those fields in) the related Equipment records.

Updated Equipment Records

Link System to an Equipment Record

An alternative method to assign an open Equipment record to an existing Equipment System is in the Misc tab of the Equipment dialog.  All Equipment Systems will be listed in the combo box to choose a System Name to which the Equipment belongs.

Link System to Equipment

Print Asset Label

Configure default System Asset Labels in program Options > Report & Label.

System in Program Options

Print System asset labels with barcodes to Use Scanner in the Check Out feature dialog.

Check Out an Equipment System

Enter a valid Equipment System Name in the Check Out dialog to check in and out the group collection of equipment at one time.  The 'Equipment ID' field n the Check Out dialog reflects 'System ID' once a System is validated.

Check Out Equipment System

The Equipment System record will update to show the recent check out date and/or person, and all related Equipment records linked to that System will update as well.

Checked Out System

Last Updated:  22 October 2020