Model Numbers

Keep Track of Equipment Model Numbers

Model Numbers are specific to each piece of equipment and the Model Numbers grid keeps them organized within Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software).  Find this grid in the Data Grids tab of the ribbon menu.  The Model Numbers' dialog can also be accessed within the "Edit Equipment" dialog by clicking on the [Model] button in the Equipment tab.

Model Numbers Grid

Model Number Dialog

Double click on a selected record to edit it or double-click within the gray area to create a new record.

Within the dialog, specify the model number, model description, and notes.  Add information like Manufacturer, Equipment Type, Measurement Template, Procedure Group, and its Size/Range using the drop down menus.  Check or uncheck the [Active] box to show if it is in use or not.

Model Numbers Dialog

Uncertainty Tab

Add or link an uncertainty study to a model number record.

Model Uncertainty Tab

Overrides Tab

Use the Overrides tab to choose a different equipment label or equipment report.  Click on a blue hyperlink and select the desired file name then click [Open].  Remove an override by clicking on its corresponding red [X].  Examples of all the labels can be found in the "Labels" section of our Help Topics page.

Overrides Tab

Custom Tab

The Custom tab allows you to create unique fields that pertain to your company.  Edit these using the "Edit Form Labels" feature under the Admin tab of the Program Options dialog.  Select the dialog to be edited (i.e., "ModelNumber") from the drop down menu and create your custom content by editing the Control Text.  Make sure to click the [Close] button in order to save changes.

Custom Tab

Meta Tab

This is a READ-ONLY information tab used as a reference to view which user created the record and which user was the last to edit it, including the dates and times these occurred.

Meta Tab

Last Updated:  14 August 2019