Schedule Auto Notifications in Windows XP

Schedule a Task in Windows XP for the Auto Notify Utility

In Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software), if using Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server you need to (a) tell the Notification Utility WHAT and (b) the Windows Task Manager WHEN to do it.

  • Step 1 is telling the Notification Utility WHAT to do (e.g., send an email, show a popup dialog, and/or refresh the web).  Do this by using the Notification Utility link inside Calibration Control in the Utilities menu.
  • Step 2 is scheduling a task in Windows XP to tell the Notification Utility WHEN to perform.  Do this by using the instructions on this page.

Scheduled Tasks Tool

Start the Scheduled Tasks tool.  Use the following image to find it.

XP Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks Dialog

After starting XP Scheduled Tasks, you should see the following dialog.  Double-click Add Scheduled Tasks to start the Schedule Tasks Wizard.

XP Scheduled Tasks Dialog

Scheduled Tasks Wizard

Click the [Next] button.

XP Scheduled Tasks Wizard

Selecting a Program

Click the [Browse] button to navigate to and select the apeduecal program (executable).

Select a Program in XP Scheduled Task Wizard

Find and Select Program

Navigate to the Calibration Control Program folder usually located at: C:\Program Files\Ape Software\Calibration Control and select the apecal.exe file.  Before clicking the [Open] button, add a switch to the right of the Auto Notification you want to schedule.  For example, if you want to schedule the DueCal_Custodians, the file to select is "apecal.exe -DueCal_Custodians".

How Often?

Tell the Task Scheduler how often you want the Notification Utility (apeduecal.exe) to run.  Select Daily if you want the utility to run every day and select [Next].

Select How Often Task Should Execute

What Time?

Choose the time of day you want to Notification Utility to run.

Select Start Time of Scheduled Task

Computer/Network Logon

Enter the same information as if you were logging into the computer where you will run the Notification Utility.

Enter Your Network Credentials for the Task Scheduler

Advanced Properties

Before finishing, select the 'Open advanced properties . . .' checkbox before clicking the [Finish] button.

Open Advanced Properties of Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler Error

Depending on the credentials you entered, you may see the following error message.  Click the [OK] button to continue.

XP Task Scheduler Error Message

Run Only If Logged In

Click the 'Run only if logged in' checkbox.  This will simplify issues with login credentials especially if you are the only person who usually logs into the computer.

Run XP Task Scheduler Only if Logged In

Ready to Go

You should now be returned to the original Scheduled Tasks Dialog but now have a task for apeduecal.

APEDUECAL Scheduled Task

Test New Task

Test the new task by right-clicking on the apeduecal task and selecting 'Run'.  Note that if you have not told the Notification Utility WHAT to do using the 'Notification Utility' link within Calibration Control, nothing will happen.  Also, if you do not have any equipment due cal, the Notification Utility will not send any notifications.

Test New Task

Last updated:  10 Nov 2015