Using the HTML Help File

Navigate the help file options

The html help file is the offline help utility for Calibration Control (our Calibration Management Software) found in the Help tab of the menu Ribbon.  It contains most of the help content posted in the Help section of the Ape Software website.  As customers ask questions, we create new help topics and post them almost immediately to the website.  As we release new versions of Ape Software applications, we incorporate the material from the website into the html help file so our application users will have offline access to the same material.

Help in Menu Ribbon

Here are some basic functions of the file . . .

HTML Help File

Toolbar Buttons

  • Hide/Show:  Hides or shows the tabbed navigation pane.
  • Back:  Navigates to the previous page.
  • Forward:  Navigates to the page you moved back from.
  • Print:  Opens a standard Windows print dialog to print the active help document to a specific printer.
  • Options:  Opens a drop down menu to modify various properties and attributes of the Ape Software application help program.
  • Web Site:  Opens a link to the Ape Software home page outside of the html help dialog.
  • About:  Navigates back to the introduction page of the help file.

Help Tabs

  • Contents:  Groups the contents of help documents by category to quickly look up general help information.
  • Index:  Looks up specific help information by a key word within the help document.
  • Search:  Used to perform an advanced search of specific words within help documents.

Last updated: 18 Jan 2017