Limit Equipment Visibility by Site

Make Site Equipment visible only to specific Users

There are several scenarios where this feature may be useful.  Remember that the Site field name can be changed to names like Customer, Group, Type, etc.

  • A central database is used by multiple sites where Users should only view Equipment from their own Site.
  • Each Site represents a different customer and different Users should only have access to the Equipment of specific Customers.  In this scenario, rename the Site field to Customer.
  • Sites represent different Groups (e.g., Calibration, Maintenance, etc.) and Users in each Group should only have access to their own Equipment.  Rename the Site field to Group, or whatever is most appropriate.

General Process

Use the following checklist to ensure all steps are completed to setup Limited Equipment Visibility by Site:

  1. Create Company records designated as a Site, Customer/Client, or any Company Type designated as a Site.
  2. Update the Site field for all Equipment that will be included
  3. Enable User Authentication being sure to create the Users who will be grated.
  4. Link Users to Site using the User Sites feature found in the Security group of the App Utilities tab.
  5. In the Admin tab of the Options dialog, check the "Display Equipment Only From Assigned Sites When Signed In" checkbox

Last updated: 10 Dec 2017